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Paris is the centre of 8 radial zones for public transport (zone 1 is Paris 2-8 are the suburbs). The cost of the ticket depends on the number of zones you want to travel through. Zone 1 is related to Paris but all metro tickets are available for zones1&2. The metro is made up of 14 lines identified with the number or the name of the first and the last station (e.g. 3, Galliéni – Pont de Levalois). You have also 5 RER (suburban trains) called by a letter (RER A, RER B...).

In order to travel on the RATP (the state-owned company managing the metro) network, you must be in possession of a valid ticket at all times. Tickets must be validated in the turnstiles, found in the entrance of all metro and RER stations. When boarding a bus (with a metro ticket you can get on any bus) you must show your ticket to the driver if it is a travel card, or validate you metro ticket (not the travel cards!) in the machines provided.

A single ticket, 1.50 €, is valid for one journey. They are sold in any station or bus, either individually or as a book of 10, called a “Carnet” (11.10 €). A single ticket can be used for metro, RER and bus alike to any destination inside Paris as long as you don’t exit the underground (interchange is allowed in the metro and RER but not by bus). Fares from journeys outside Paris depend on the length of the given route, the departure and arrival station. You can buy your tickets in most of the stations, metro, RER or SNCF stations.

You can buy a pass, valid 1 day only for any transport within the zone, called Mobilis. For zone 1-2 (Paris) the price in 2008 was 5,60 €.

A travel card (monthly or weekly) is called a “ Navigo Pass (magnetic card).  ” and allows access to all transport in and through zones identified in the area around and inside Paris without limitation. This pass, similar to the Oyster card currently in use in the London Underground, is waved over a turnstile, carries a photo of the user on the card itself and is based on an account that the user has with the RATP. Therefore, you will need to ask a form to get a card for free if you live or work in the Paris area (Le passe Navigo), or with a fee for anybody else (Le passe Navigo Découverte). Price examples (2008)are displayed below:





16.30 €

53.50 €


32.10 €

95.50 €

An annual travel card is called “Abonnement Intégrale”. You can pay in one shot or by standing order every month. If you loose it, it can be replaced immediately in any station for free. Its price is about 10 ½ months the price of 12 monthly travel card.

And good news, your company will pay to your salary half of the cost of a monthly or annual travel card.



You can reach a train from 6 main train stations (Gare Montparnasse, Gare d’Austerlitz, Gare de Lyon, Gare de l’Est, Gare du Nord, Gare St Lazare). The state-owned company is called SNCF and manages most of the suburban and regional trains as well as main lines and TGV (high speed train) and international trains such as Eurostar (London) or Thalys (Amsterdam).

In order to purchase a ticket, you can go to train stations, travel agencies, automatic ticket machines or through the Internet (where you can enquire and validate your order). You can also use the telephone:

- for timetable information: 08 36 67 68 69

- for information and buying your ticket: 08 36 35 35 35

- for the Eurostar: 08 36 35 35 39

You can buy your ticket more than 2 months in advance and collect your ticket from any ticket office or ask for it to be delivered at home (+1.3 €).

If two of you make a return journey together, whether or not have any direct family link, you can benefit from a 25% discount on the basic fare.


If you call a taxi from any telephone including a taxi-stand telephone, you will be charged for the journey made to pick you up. The driver may also add a charge for extra luggage, a fourth person or an animal.

If you have a preferred route, inform the driver of this. Tipping is optional. Cheques and credit/ debit cards are not usually accepted.

Meter starting amount: 2 € (+ luggage + additional charges)

A few numbers:

  • Allo Taxi / Taxi Bleu (
    01 49 36 10 10
  • Aéro-Taxi
    01 47 31 30 30
  • Artaxi (
    01 42 41 50 50
  • Flash Radio Taxi
    01 47 46 11 11
  • Radio Alpha
    01 45 85 85 85
  • Taxi Radio Étoile
    01 42 70 41 41
  • Taxis Sept Mille
    01 42 70 00 42
  • G7 Taxi (
    01 47 39 47 39
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